Please go on to donate at least $5.00 for this great cause!
This is our first time and please help to make a difference. Mr. Weber Roger, my coach and his wife already gave us a check for $325.00. So we only need $300 more to get it right!
We are great people like you empowering the Haitian kids to have hope and possibilities to go as higher as their dreams can take them!

Wolove Garden of Haiti Estère

Training on nutrition, personal hygiene and sex education

Date. : July 24, 2014
Time. : 9:00 AM
Location. : Olgune Hotel

Speakers: Jean St. Fleur Junior (Physician)
: Ismène Elusma Garconnet (Ingenieur and social worker)
Marceline Dérilus (Manager Wolove Garden Haiti project)
Amos louisseul (Technical Director for Wolove Garden Haiti project)

Participants. 55

Estimated Cost
Hotel expenses: 10,000 gourdes
Moving Speakers
Costs. : 8,000 gourdes
Participants’ travel
Costs. : 3,000 gourdes
Food and beverage
Costs. : 7,500 gourdes
Total cost. : 28,500 gourdes
We got a special reduction on the part of our suppliers who reduced prices by half. Because they want to help the students of Wolove Garden Haiti in Estere to go towards the development and advancement
N.B. 5 gourdes are $1 Haitian and, $100 US equal $910 Haitian and, the total is $625 US

Marceline Dérilus
Amos Louisseul


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